Account registration FAQ

1. How do I register my nickname / account?

Use this command, substituting your desired password and e-mail address:

/msg NickServ register mySecretPassword

The server will dispatch a verification code and further instructions to
your e-mail address. Ask in #darwin if you have problems.

2. How do I authenticate to my nickname?

You should enable SASL in your client. Freenode's guide covers many popular

If your client is not listed, it may have its own documentation or help pages.

Note that many clients only support a single password field. In this case, you
should configure your SASL password as the password and omit the server
password (`smellyoulater`) entirely; the server will accept a successful SASL
authentication in place of the server password.

If your client doesn't support SASL, there are potential workarounds;
you may be able to script your client to authenticate to NickServ
automatically, with `/msg NickServ identify nickname password`.
Ask in #darwin for support with this.

3. What are the benefits of registering my nickname?

If your nickname is registered and all your clients are configured to use
SASL, then you will be able to use the same nickname from multiple clients.
Conversely, anyone not logged into your account will be unable to use
your nickname.

You can also enable a vhost (i.e., a fake hostname that will be displayed
in place of your real IP-based hostname). You can take '' as
your vhost without operator approval with `/msg HostServ take`.
For details on how to request a unique personal vhost, `/msg HostServ help`.

4. How can I access channel history?

If your client supports ZNC's playback module, you can use it
to replay only the lines you missed. For example, in Textual,
go to "Server properties", select "Vendor specific", uncheck "Do not
automatically join channels on connect", and check "Only play back messages
you missed". Other clients with support are listed on ZNC's wiki page.

You can manually request history by issuing the command:

/quote history #channel 50

where 50 is the number of lines you want to request.

You can also set your account to automatically replay a fixed number of history
lines on channel join:

/msg NickServ set autoreplay-lines 25

although this may result in duplicated history playback.

5. I'm trying to add a client certificate, but it doesn't work --- why not?

Although Oragono supports client certificates, does not,
because we use an external TLS terminator that doesn't pass client certificate
information through to the ircd. We recommend SASL PLAIN with a strong, unique
password. For example, the output of the following command will work:

python3 -c "import secrets; print(secrets.token_urlsafe(16))"