darwin.network is a community IRC server running oragono.

To connect directly, configure your IRC client with:

Host:     irc.darwin.network
Port:     6697
SSL/TLS:  true
Channel:  #darwin

You can also use the web client here.

For information on our server's rules and special features, including nickname
registration and how to use the server without a bouncer, please see our FAQ.

By default, all hostnames on darwin.network are cryptographically "cloaked"
so that your IP address information is not visible to other users (although
it is visible to server administrators). If you would like to anonymize your
connection against the administrators as well, we are accessible via the
Tor network:

Host:     v7k2huxf5b353zgo7zgoo5tapsf6lkarcykkn7qdgx3kwugw4syzihqd.onion
Port:     6667
SSL/TLS:  false
Channel:  #darwin

This server's predecessors were: